April 2008

have you seen that embarq internet commercial with the giant cat? a man and woman are on the couch and the man’s reading the paper or something. he mentions that embarq high speed internet will never raise their price. the woman tells him that their cat wasn’t supposed to get very big, either. then they both turn and look at this humongous cat sitting on the end of the couch. the cat then turns his butt to them and repositions himself, knocking over the lamp on the end table in the process. they just shake their heads and look away.

my first thought upon seeing this commercial was, ‘wow, how cool would that be, to have such a giant cat!’ then I remember the lamp breaking, and think, ‘well, maybe not’…because after all, I think my 6 cats are capable of destroying my house~and they do try, on a regular basis~on their own, they don’t need no stinkin’ giant cat.

but still, the commercial is funny. I tried to find it on youtube and give you a link, but it’s not on there. sorry


this little jar came from mama’s house. she’s not sure where it lived before that. I’m very happy that it chose our casa to inhabit.

I get tony up for school every morning at 7:00. sometimes he comes right down, other days it takes him a little longer to get moving. I get his breakfast on the table and ready for him, then I go about packing lunches, watching the morning news, drinking my coffee; you know, the important things.

unfortunately, the kitties (especially waffle) like to sample the milk from his glass, so when this little guy came to our house, things changed. now I can pour his milk into this nifty little pitcher, and he can pour it from there. and waffle can’t get her face into it.

I’ve only been drinking coffee for about 2 years now, but I’ve made it for rich every morning for ages.  he always said I made the best coffee a non-drinker ever made.  of course, I think he was just flattering me.

but then I decided to jump into adulthood; I started slow and easy with cappuccino, (or faux coffee to the die hards), then worked my way into the real stuff.  I like it strong, with sugar free hazelnut creamer.  real quicklike, I started icing mine down.  I have always had a hard time stomaching hot drinks; love them, but they make me feel like I’m burning alive from the inside out.

now, starbucks is not my scene, being the has-been trendy person that I am.  my lovely jessica, on the other hand, is such a cool hippie chick, that she somewhat upstages trendy.  she loves little campus coffee shops, but also starbucks, so one day she dragged my fussy self in there.  I was pleased to find iced coffee on the menu, but a little stymied when I couldn’t order an iced hazelnut decaf coffee, without having to stoop to trendy: “I’d like a vente cold skinny hazelnut decaf, please”…!!!

anyway, that stuff is yummy.  then, mickey started brewing the stuff.  oh, yeah, baby, that’s what mama’s jonesin’.  and I can say large and they know what I’m talking about, and it’s cheaper.   the only downside is that they don’t have skinny or decaf, but I’ll survive.

I’ve been making some at home again, the last week or so; sort of a comfort drink since rich isn’t here.  but I made a new discovery: if I add a splash (or 5) or that yummy white chocolate irish cream that my guy jerry bought me for christmas, it’s out of this world!  so good, that I want to make some during the day…but then driving while intoxicated isn’t a good idea…after all, I may spill my skinny *hoogstpersoonlijk **jättelik hazelnut all over my plush herb tarlick upholstery!

*dutch for ‘as large as life’

**swedish for giant

which quickly became my ebola.  her little sniffly cold hit my lungs with a war whoop and kicked my ass.  for 3 weeks now, I’ve been blowing snot out of my head by the bucket load…you think I jest, but let me tell you that in said 3 weeks, I have used more tissues (4 boxes), antibiotics, decongestant, cough syrup, my inhaler, and steroids for the nebulizer than I have used in years.  and I get bronchitis atleast once every year.

I don’t know why this round affected me so bad, but I went from coughing a bit to coughing up my toes in half a day.  thankfully, I’m on my way to normal (or whatever passes for normal here at casa de hockett) finally!

and, to top it off, my bronchitis has stirred up my vertigo, so if I’m not coughing, my head is spinning, sometimes even at the same time.  and I can’t take my meds for that because they knock me out;  I reckon it’d be difficult to drive while I’m sleeping, and babysitting would present a challenge as well.

but, I’ve got my little man to take care of me.  he’s been so helpful, hopping up to rub my back when I cough, bringing me more water.  he’s a Godsend.  rich’s hours have changed ~yet again~ as a direct result of his company slowly going down the crapper, along with his job, I suspect and fear.  so it’s just tony and I here in the evenings.  let me tell you I feel much better alone at night out here in BFE since we had the alarm system installed.  of course, it may very well be false security, but it works for me…

I’ve been watching ALOT of television and movies, and just being generally unproductive, though I have started this week chauffering jerry again, and of course picking the children up from school.  today I started work on a pair of curtains for the living room; I worked in increments, partly because I still tire easily, but also because I have found that projects go much quicker without miss emma’s help.

she’s so eager to pitch in that I hate to discourage her.  she’s learned to close doors after we’ve walked through them; unfortunately she doesn’t pay attention to who may be coming behind her, or how heavy the basket of clothes in their hands may be before she shuts the door on them.  she also loves to ‘help’ with the laundry.  I hand her the wet items and she throws them in the dryer, (it won’t stop raining long enough to hang anything on the line) then shuts the door…sometimes before we’re finished loading it.

she’s learned to climb the steps coming in from the garage.  I get her out of her seat, and she comes around behind the car, and heads directly for the steps.  I have to be quick and make sure I’m right behind her, those steps would be mighty painful to fall off of.  and, this afternoon when I wasn’t paying attention (bad auntie!) she climbed the inside steps and went into tony’s room for a visit.  he hollered at me, and when I went around the corner, I looked up and there she was, grinning and waving.  little stinker.

well, I’m ready to climb into my cozy bed for the night.  I’ll be back soon.

I hate to admit, really hate to admit this about myself, but I always get a kick out of listening to someone talk when their voice/accent/speaking style doesn’t match their ethnicity.  I’m aware that this makes me sound prejudice, or as if I’m stereotyping, but I just can’t help it.

the first time I really remember noticing this was several years ago on the vh1 comedy spotlight show rosie o’donnell  used to host.  the guy was of asian decent and had been raised in texas, with a very strong, deep southern drawl.  it really caught my attention, but I must not be alone, because he addressed this subject, saying something along the lines of “it’s not everyday y’all meet a chinese man with a texas twang!”

about 10 years ago, when we were moving into our house, I drove down to wendy’s to feed the troops.  the girl who took my order was of asian indian descent.  here again, was a very distinct southern accent.  no india at all.  I was very fascinated with her, and tried to engage her in conversation, just to hear her talk.

and today, I watched kim and aggie clean out the cess pool that is home to ting wong, who again, is clearly asian, with the biggest british accent you’ve ever heard.

speaking of kim and aggie, I adore that show.  for one thing, it makes me feel better about my own housekeeping skills (or lack thereof), also, I love anything british, but I really really love  kim and aggie.  they are both so elegant and sophisticated, wearing pearls and boa-trimmed rubber gloves while they clean.  they’re somethin’.

that’s all I got today.  I just haven’t felt much like bloggin lately, got stuff to stay, but I reckon I just don’t feel like sayin it right now.

to quote jess when she’s on her way out the door to work, “peace out”