for a craftster swap, I had to come up with 100 things about myself, and these are what I’ve come up with:

My favorite dessert is tiramisu
I have 3 children; 1 girl, 2 boys
I meant to marry a rich man, instead I married a man named rich
Our wedding was on December 23
I snort when I laugh
I have one tattoo, a holly on my ankle; I have a couple more that I want to get
I LOVE cats, so much that I have 6
I have 56 pairs of shoes, many never worn; almost half of them are flip flops
I love photography, I really like taking pictures of old, abandoned buildings
I am short, 5’2”
I love spinach, Brussels sprouts, asparagus and most other veggies
I like mushrooms and owls, nothing like following the trend!
I pierced my bellybutton when I was 35, but I let it grow back
My kids’ friends think I’m cool, I’m not so sure
I’m 42
I moved my family to north carolina in 1998 from ohio.  It feels more like home than ohio ever did, even after 30 years
I love all things british: Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Jane Austen stories, Harry Potter, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench….I could go on and on
I want to go to Scotland to trace my heritage
I’ve been married once before, it was a trial run
Christmas vacation is my all time favorite movie
Elton john is my favorite singer, but I listen to many different varieties of music…except for rap and country
I don’t like dogs very much
I am a christian, and I have an atheist friend
I am straight, but have several gay friends
My daily uniform consists of jeans, t-shirt and flops
My drug of choice is caffeine, coffee first thing, then diet coke the rest of the day
I drive a red jeep, because it says ‘holly’ so much better than my soccer mom minivan did
I think same-sex marriage should be legalized in every state
I can’t handle roller coasters, or rides that go in circles; my ex-husband shamed me into riding the tilt awhirl, I puked on him
I’m middle class (if there is such a thing anymore) but I’ve been really really poor before
If I could afford it, I’d have plastic surgery, and laser hair removal
I spent 2 fantastic weeks in mexico, with the son of a Mexican politician
I’m deathly terrified of spiders
I would rather read than most anything else, followed by sewing; sometimes
I get bored with projects and leave them for later, or I get bored with a craft and take time off.  I quit sewing for a couple of years one time…I hope I never get to that point again
I have a short attention span
I am horrible at math
I went to community college for 2 years, but played around too much to get a degree, now I wish I had been more mature
I got a fancy pants sewing machine for my birthday a couple of years ago, yet I still get tired of sewing for awhile
I really really want an in-ground pool
My first job was at burger chef
I got fired from my first job for calling my manager a bad name
I  use a cell phone exclusively, we have no house phone
I don’t like to talk on the phone, I would rather text than talk
I used to talk like a truck driver
I’m a closet hog: my father-in-law built us a walk in closet; I use my half and ¾ of his, but he never fusses
I have 2 siblings, both brothers.  My youngest brother was born to another mother, in the 6 years that my parents were divorced
I drink hazelnut creamer in my coffee, but I love the holiday flavors, especially gingerbread and eggnog
I went to 6 different schools from kindergarten to graduation
My teeth are crooked enough for braces, but I never had them
I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up
I believe in santa claus
Grammar mistakes really bother me…especially when I make them
Tony is the only person in my house that is shorter than I am,  but he’s catching up
I am a procrastinator
I have had cats for over 20 years; not the same ones, of course
I love Deblob for wii, and Mario
I am a packrat, as previously alluded to in #46
I have ADD; I have not outgrown it, but I have learned to deal with it.  Unfortunately, I seem to have passed it on to my sons
I’m usually easygoing, but I can get uptight real quick and easy; a trait I inherited from my mama
I’ve decided to age gracefully, my hair used to change colors with my moods, but I haven’t dyed it for a couple of years now
I love a good musty smell.  It reminds me of being a kid, reaching into the cooler at the dime store for a dr. pepper
I don’t like music where the singer screams, like whitney, Mariah, etc…
Even though I know better, I don’t check pants pockets before I wash them.  My older son has left some nasty little things in there, and I’d rather the washer sanitize them before I touch them
I have a real problem saying no; right now I’m dog sitting and I HATE it.
I like alfredo on pizza, with chicken and veggies
I have sleep apnea…because I’m fat
In relation to #68, I found that sunscreen will remove permanent marker from the dryer
I wear sunglasses even on rainy days
I play pogo way more than I should
I listen to the Spamalot soundtrack when I sew
I love ‘wait, wait…don’t tell me’ and ‘car talk’
I don’t stay mad long, and rarely hold grudges
I use a fine sharpie marker for almost anything, rather than a ballpoint pen
I really like quirky movies, like Little Miss Sunshine, Napolean Dynamite, Juno, Royal Tannenbaums
I’m an optimist
I babysit my 2 year old neice
I squirt kids as a form of discipline, rather than always hollering and spanking.  I do spank sometimes, though
I have a nerf gun and have nerf wars with my kids
I drink wine, I like sweet wine, like Duplin
I have string lights on my front porch, where we sit with our wine and bubbles, watching the world go by
I like to cook unusual foods (so my kids say)
Everyone LOVES my chocolate cake
I blog
I like to participate in swaps, but I’m always nervous I’m not gonna be good enough, then I go overboard
I kicked my son’s baby tooth out playing smell my feet
I don’t have cable or satellite, so my niece and I watch a movie every morning, usually ‘The Importance of Being Ernest, Sense & Sensibility, or Pride & Prejudice’
I have a subscription (it was a gift) to Bon Apetit (my daughter calls it Bon Ape Tit)
I heart Julia Child
I have a beautiful weed bed; it starts out as a flower bed every spring, but I can’t stand to work in it, so it grows wild
My daughter calls my workroom my sweatshop
My bed feels like a big marshmallow, you just sink down into it; my kids sleep in it when we’re gone overnight
Google is my best friend, whenever I have a question, or dilemma, I google it
I like chick flicks, but not if I’m gonna cry at the end, a good, happy ending is underrated
I collect nativity sets
Christmas is my favoritest holiday, hence the Christmas wedding
I was crushed when Mary Englebreit’s Home Companion folded
I have a love/hate relationship with Martha…I love some of her ideas, but don’t care for her eliteness
My workroom is whimsical, maybe too much
I love to take trips, but hate the car ride

there are things that I have done, that I’ve told nobody, lest it alter their opinion of me.


    2 Responses to “*things*”

    1. misslionheart Says:

      Listen, it’s cool. I love spinach, too! 😆

    2. Heather Says:

      I just might have to steal this from you at some point:)

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