March 2009

tealess party

last thursday, I had both of them…I wasn’t sure I was going to make it through the day, I don’t mind telling you.  just one of them wears me out (I’m getting old, I fear) but 2? well, that’s just a recipe for masochism a la mode.  thankfully, it was a nice day, and they were able to play outside for a bit.  they actually play rather well together, save for the fact that emma is a little too rough and aggressively affectionate.  however, kennedy tolerates it fairly well.



so, it’s been a month, huh?  time sure flies when you’re having fun, and even when you’re not.

about 3 weeks ago, my phone rang early in the morning, right before my alarm was to go off.  the automated calling thingie for the school said that due to bad weather, school would be closed.  oh, man, I thought, it must have snowed pretty heavy overnight.  I got up and checked outside, and this is what I saw:


and I thought it was absolutely hilarious that we had no school because of a grass day.  this stuff didn’t even deserve the honor of being called a snow day.

we learned several years ago, that school is often called off for very little weather around here.  at first, it irritated me, thinking that the kids were missing all these days that would have to be made up later.  but then it was explained to me that the western part of our county (over closer to the mountains) generally gets hit much harder than we do, so by default we get the snow day.  under further consideration, I realized that the bus drivers around here aren’t trained for winter weather, so I didn’t really want my young’uns on those buses.

every time we have one of these faux snow days, I remember the many many days up north that we still had school, in frigid, snowy weather.  we didn’t get many snow days up there.  and, on these faux snow days, crocodile dundee comes to mind, saying, ‘that’s not a snow day…now THAT’S  a snow day!’  (imagine the aussie accent)

so, imagine my surprise, when the next monday, my phone rang-again, calling school off-again.  this time, when I looked outside, I was shocked to see:


now, THAT’S a snow day!

tony and madison finally got to use the sleds they got for christmas 2 years ago.  they had a blast.  the next day was another snow day; unfortunately, tony didn’t get to enjoy that one, as he and I came down with a stomach bug which began kicking our asses in the middle of the night.  we alternated getting sick, while I took care of both of us.  rich took the day off work and took us to the doctor, where we received a shot of my drug of choice, phenargen.

we were down for the count until thursday, when it hit rich.  he made it half way home from work on thursday, and I went to pick him up and put him in bed.  he stayed there until saturday afternoon.  then, little emma started with it, followed by jess.  thankfully, none of the other people down the hill were infected.

I just want to say that I would rather have bronchitis for a year, than to have that crap for just one day.

thankfully, we’re all feeling better now.  tony and I are getting ready for the trip to DC next wednesday.  I’m looking forward to going, but the whole chaperoning 4 girls…not so much.  but, it will be fun, if exhausting.  we have to be at the school at 5:30 wednesday morning.  UGH!!  hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep on the bus (fingers crossed) but I’m not holding my breath.  I was very happy, though, to find an adapter that will charge my ipod without a computer.  that little baby will be the first thing packed.

now I think I’ll go make my packing list (x2) and check it twice…


gratuitous cat shot.  ms. buttons skulking around the yard, looking for a lap to visit, or a  mouse to chase