June 2009

we’re in maggie valley again, for the annual conference of the methodists.  this year we’re staying at a little mom and pop motel, and I don’t ever want to go home.  (okay, that’s a fib, because I’m almost ready to be home).

this year, rich is the delegate, so he gets to go sit in the hot meetings and tony and I get to hang out and find things to do on our own.  also different this year, we have a little tag-along, mr. potato head.  I’m participating in (yet another) swap, this one is a little visitor swap.  I made a pig and sent her to belgium, and received mr. potato head in return.

so, mr. potato head has had many adventures with us this week; on thursday,

100_5568 we went gem mining, finding lots of emeralds

100_5563 tater helped, he even found one himself before we left!

on friday, tony and I hung around town while rich went to the meeting100_5584; we found tater an outhouse…but it was occupied.   he waited for what seemed like forever, but no one ever came out.  we eventually just left, he wouldn’t go out back…

then we went to maggie valley carpet golf.  I’ve never heard putt putt called carpet golf, but, hey, to each his own.  it was fun.

100_5602 tony and his daddy get very serious about their mini golf.  I’m just along for the ride.  I almost always come in WAY over par, but I have fun.

100_5603unfortunately for tater, even his big hand wouldn’t hold the weight of the club, so he basically just had to watch.  poor guy!

well, there’ll be more later, we’re off to breakfast now!


this is keddy                                                                                                                      this is momo100_5454100_5455

emma calls kennedy ‘keddy’ and kennedy pronounces emma ‘momo’.

they are bffs and get along almost all of the time, which is somewhat surprising, when you take into account that they’re 2, and 2 year olds are notoriously self centered.  emma is moreso than kenni, and kenni is more independent than emma.  she’s also more affectionate and loving, although emma is affectionate and loving enough.

100_5462sometimes kenni wants to play with emma

100_5463 but sometimes emma wants  to do what SHE wants to do.  emma doesn’t like to share toys (EVERYTHING is hers, by the way, even when it’s not) and I have to get involved more often than I’d like.  I don’t think I’ve heard the word ‘mine’ come out of kenni’s mouth.

but all in all, they’re best of friends, and it’s all good in the end.

100_5466 there’s something rather heartwarming about these 2 little sweethearts sharing their time with us 😀