December 2007

we’re all cookied out. I never thought it could happen. the cookie monsters in my house have cried “no more cookies, please!”

I sat down the other day to calculate, and I came up with a rough figure of 45. that’s dozen. 45 dozen cookies that have crossed my table, on their way to many, many recipients. there were peanut butter blossoms, cuernitos, mississippi muds, sugar canes, and peppermint sandwich cookies. we also had pretzel hugs, peppermint bark, buckeyes, chocolate covered pretzels and cashew bark.

my kitchen sure did smell good, though!


…NEVER step in front of a young boy with an open can of diet coke when said boy is playing wii tennis.


obviously, santa brought tony the wii he has desired for the last year.  he and his daddy have been playing tennis for a few hours now…it clearly states in the directions -for those of us idiots who have no common sense- to stand clear of other people when you’re playing the game.  unfortunately it didn’t state: ‘mothers, make sure you don’t walk in front of players!!

I didn’t do it, originally uploaded by hockamama.

when I asked if she had baby Jesus, she acted innocent, but she finally copped a plea. she gave up the cats in the agreement, stating that she actually ‘rescued’ the savior from the fast and furry. while I was somewhat skeptical, it was her word against theirs, so I just gave him back to his parents and called it even.  he won’t stay long, though, before someone (cuppycake) kidnaps him again…

kitty in a can, originally uploaded by hockamama.

what kind of people would throw away a perfectly good kitty? oh, wait, she’s there of her own accord. for some reason she likes to sit in this trash can; if it has stuff in it, she overturns it…

nap kitty, originally uploaded by hockamama.

so, when I left the room, tony and his daddy were watching cartoons, then I came back a bit later, and found these two boys snuggled up together. something about a warm purr, just lulls this young hockett into dreamland.

emma’s new bff, originally uploaded by hockamama.

she’s been a little fussy lately, a little clingy. I think she feels bad. so, she fell asleep in my lap, and I put her on her boppy and laid elmo with her. she reached up and put her hand on his arm. she hearts elmo.

I used the word ‘penis’ in church the other day, during a conversation with the minister. I wasn’t referring to anyone specifically.

when asked which shrek character was my favorite, I chose the big bad wolf. jessica said, ‘what a surprise, you would choose him because he’s so gay!’ I can’t help it, I’m an aging hag…you can take the girl out of the drag club, but not vice versa

I like the gingerbread man, too 🙂

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