have you seen that embarq internet commercial with the giant cat? a man and woman are on the couch and the man’s reading the paper or something. he mentions that embarq high speed internet will never raise their price. the woman tells him that their cat wasn’t supposed to get very big, either. then they both turn and look at this humongous cat sitting on the end of the couch. the cat then turns his butt to them and repositions himself, knocking over the lamp on the end table in the process. they just shake their heads and look away.

my first thought upon seeing this commercial was, ‘wow, how cool would that be, to have such a giant cat!’ then I remember the lamp breaking, and think, ‘well, maybe not’…because after all, I think my 6 cats are capable of destroying my house~and they do try, on a regular basis~on their own, they don’t need no stinkin’ giant cat.

but still, the commercial is funny. I tried to find it on youtube and give you a link, but it’s not on there. sorry