this is agatha grace.  I made her for the craftster foc4 swap.  the theme this time around is amore.  and what better  offering than some bunny love?  she’s  a hopeless romantic, her favorite thing to do is sit in the sun on the porch, reading jane austen and drinking  iced irish coffee.

she has a broken heart (which I mended with a handmade bandage) as the result of a short, torrid affair with an encyclopedia salesman.  when he realized that one of her ears is shorter than the other, he ran off with the pedicure girl at the strip mall.  poor agatha, she was beside herself.  after I mended her, she started feeling a little better.  and a nice afternoon in the sun did wonders.

she dreams that one day she’ll have a will turner, or fitzwilliam darcy of her very own.

agatha grace