I’ve only been drinking coffee for about 2 years now, but I’ve made it for rich every morning for ages.  he always said I made the best coffee a non-drinker ever made.  of course, I think he was just flattering me.

but then I decided to jump into adulthood; I started slow and easy with cappuccino, (or faux coffee to the die hards), then worked my way into the real stuff.  I like it strong, with sugar free hazelnut creamer.  real quicklike, I started icing mine down.  I have always had a hard time stomaching hot drinks; love them, but they make me feel like I’m burning alive from the inside out.

now, starbucks is not my scene, being the has-been trendy person that I am.  my lovely jessica, on the other hand, is such a cool hippie chick, that she somewhat upstages trendy.  she loves little campus coffee shops, but also starbucks, so one day she dragged my fussy self in there.  I was pleased to find iced coffee on the menu, but a little stymied when I couldn’t order an iced hazelnut decaf coffee, without having to stoop to trendy: “I’d like a vente cold skinny hazelnut decaf, please”…!!!

anyway, that stuff is yummy.  then, mickey started brewing the stuff.  oh, yeah, baby, that’s what mama’s jonesin’.  and I can say large and they know what I’m talking about, and it’s cheaper.   the only downside is that they don’t have skinny or decaf, but I’ll survive.

I’ve been making some at home again, the last week or so; sort of a comfort drink since rich isn’t here.  but I made a new discovery: if I add a splash (or 5) or that yummy white chocolate irish cream that my guy jerry bought me for christmas, it’s out of this world!  so good, that I want to make some during the day…but then driving while intoxicated isn’t a good idea…after all, I may spill my skinny *hoogstpersoonlijk **jättelik hazelnut all over my plush herb tarlick upholstery!

*dutch for ‘as large as life’

**swedish for giant