I’m currently sitting in the old man section of Mickey D’s, waiting on my BFF to get here for some noshing and conversatin’.  She takes her young’un to pre-school and usually gets here a little after nine.  I needed to pick up some padded envelopes from Walmart, so I just headed over this way after I dropped Tony off.   I got here right around 8.  I’ve never been here this early.  Usually all these old men are gone, getting busy with their days, so it’s kind of interesting to encounter them today.

Life at Casa de Hockett is a little hectic at present.  Kris and Ashley are currently a couple, but that is liable to change at any moment; they’ve broken up and reconnected more times than I thought possible in the last couple of months.  She wants to live with her mama, a couple of hours away; and she wants kris to move back down there and live with a friend of theirs.  That way they could see each other every day.  Kristopher (bless his heart) wants to be married, raising this child together.  She wants the same thing, apparently, but to live apart.  She doesn’t understand why he won’t go for this.

Ashley has been taken care of all of her life, never given the opportunity to make her own decisions, so now, when she makes one that her mama doesn’t agree with (such as marrying Kris, living away from home), she is guilted into second guessing herself.  She’s such a sweet girl, who needs lots of good mama love, and I want to give her that.  That’s what I do…take care of people and such.  I reckon that’s why we have 12  cats…

Jessica got a summer job at the local 4h camp, as a  cabin counselor.  She’ll be gone all week, and come home Friday and Saturday nights.  It’s gonna be an adjustment for all of us, since she hasn’t spent much accumulated time away from home before.  But I think she’ll enjoy it; she loves kids, and they love her.  This will be a good summer for her.  Then next fall, she’ll go one more semester at the community college, and transfer for the spring semester.  She’s not sure where she’ll go yet, she’s torn between UNCG and UNC Pembroke.  Her boyfriend goes to UNCG, but her best friend goes to Pembroke.  Either way, the plan is to get an apartment with the one who goes to the school she chooses.  So, maybe this summer away from home will make the  transfer a little easier for all of us to adjust to.

I haven’t really felt like blogging lately.  It’s not like I haven’t had anything to say, since there’s always something going on.  I just get on here and surf, and read other people’s blogs.  But, I’ve missed this, so I thought I’d jot down a few things.  And now the old men are getting hot and heavy into politics, so it’s my cue to leave.