this is one of the gifts I made her. she asked for a couple of movies, and I got them, but I couldn’t let the occasion go by without a handmade gift. the bag body is made from a thrifted and felted sweater, and the strap is a thrifted belt. the owls are cut from a thrifted, then felted sweater. (funny story~or not, depending on who you ask~I felted 3 different sweaters in my washer over the space of a week, and suddenly the washer wouldn’t drain. turns out the little motor thing has a tiny water-wheel lookin thing, and it was FULL of wool. rich, daddy and my brother took the thing apart and cussed me the whole while. so when my brother saw jess’ bag he told her she better appreciate it, cause she wasn’t gonna get another one!)

the branch is made from the same sweater that agatha grace’s features came from, and the buttons came from my ginormous stash.
100_4573aww, isn’t she precious?!