I like to watch mtv in the early mornings, they actually live up to their initials: music television. I tell jessica that they used to play videos back in the day, not all of these stupid (sorry if you watch them) reality shows.

man, I used to LOVE mtv, back when it started, I was in love with mark goodman! remember when they were called vj’s? am I showing my age here?

so far this morning, I’ve heard the eurythmics (I used to wear my hair like this:annie-lennox.jpg except it was burgundy). they’ve also played animotion’s “obsession”, gerardo’s “rico suave”, and richard marx “shoulda known better”. I never liked richard marx, I always thought he was trying to be the bad boy of soft rock. I think that’s pretty much an oxymoron. besides, he reminds me of my ex-husband, with that cheesy hair.

sitting here with my coffee, watching these videos makes me think of all the 80’s antics, and after some reminiscing, I’m glad that era’s over.