I hate to admit, really hate to admit this about myself, but I always get a kick out of listening to someone talk when their voice/accent/speaking style doesn’t match their ethnicity.  I’m aware that this makes me sound prejudice, or as if I’m stereotyping, but I just can’t help it.

the first time I really remember noticing this was several years ago on the vh1 comedy spotlight show rosie o’donnell  used to host.  the guy was of asian decent and had been raised in texas, with a very strong, deep southern drawl.  it really caught my attention, but I must not be alone, because he addressed this subject, saying something along the lines of “it’s not everyday y’all meet a chinese man with a texas twang!”

about 10 years ago, when we were moving into our house, I drove down to wendy’s to feed the troops.  the girl who took my order was of asian indian descent.  here again, was a very distinct southern accent.  no india at all.  I was very fascinated with her, and tried to engage her in conversation, just to hear her talk.

and today, I watched kim and aggie clean out the cess pool that is home to ting wong, who again, is clearly asian, with the biggest british accent you’ve ever heard.

speaking of kim and aggie, I adore that show.  for one thing, it makes me feel better about my own housekeeping skills (or lack thereof), also, I love anything british, but I really really love  kim and aggie.  they are both so elegant and sophisticated, wearing pearls and boa-trimmed rubber gloves while they clean.  they’re somethin’.

that’s all I got today.  I just haven’t felt much like bloggin lately, got stuff to stay, but I reckon I just don’t feel like sayin it right now.

to quote jess when she’s on her way out the door to work, “peace out”