baby Jesus is missing!, originally uploaded by hockamama.

I have around 15 of my nativities set up this year, which is about one third of the sets that I’ve collected over the years. I have all different kinds, glass, plastic, resin, cardboard, etc. My favorite is one that tony made me, using the corner of a box and some macaroni for the people. I didn’t set most of them up this year because of the kittens. I was afraid they would get up and lay on all the surfaces and counters where I normally put my nativities. and they do. this set in particular, seems to be their favorite. baby Jesus goes awol constantly. once in awhile, it’s Joseph who goes on walkabout, but usually, they pick on the baby. as soon as I find him and put him back in his spot, they grab him and take off again. I’m hopeful that next year they will have settled down enough that I won’t have to worry about Jesus.