on saturday, I had a cookie party. I had invited 5 friends, mandi, and a friend of jessica’s. all but one girl came, and she never let me know she wasn’t coming, so I was a little peeved, I admit.

but, it was SO MUCH FUN!! I have never had a girl party before. well, I have had like pampered chef and tupperware and sex toy parties, but never a party just to have a party. I was excited for 2 weeks prior, planning, crafting, picking up little things here and there.

I found some really cool clear ornaments at hobby lobby, they are kind of flat. I put some rub-ons on them, painted the caps and added a ribbon hanger. I made an initialed one for each guest to take home. I frosted several glass jars and put candles in them. I made crab bites, cheese dip in a bread bowl, sausage & apple balls, spanakopita pies, peppermint bark, cashew bark, pretzel hugs, and cuernitos. I filled the sink with ice and packed it with cans of coke and diet coke. I brewed coffee and set out festive christmas mugs and yummy holiday creamers. I wish I had taken pictures, the table turned out so pretty.

so, everyone made 8 dozen cookies to trade. we had rum balls (no bakes from a friend whose new kitchen isn’t set yet and she’s only got a toaster oven) pillsbury sugar and chocolate chips (from 2 girls who don’t cook-and if they do, you don’t want to eat it, trust me-but really really wanted to come) scrumptious buttery cut-out cookies, a 7th generation spice cookie, peanut blossoms, and then I made mississipi mud cookies.

I set the party at 11:00, thinking everyone may stay an hour or so, then get back to their busy lives. at 3:00, the last 2 guests left. they were my 2 bestest buds, so I was happy for them to be here that long. is it weird that at my age, I still have friends that I can’t spend enough time with?

sunday afternoon, we had a long play practice with my youth. last week, I told everyone to bring a lunch, because we were going to be here for a couple of hours and they’d be hungry. so, naturally, nobody brought a lunch.

I called and reached rich between church and home. I asked him for help. he went into town and bought 12 combo meals and a happy meal. then he and tony came and ate with us. I love that man. it’s not like we have the extra money to feed other peoples’ kids, but he never said a word. I just love that man.

as far as those kids go, I just wish they’d learn their lines. some of them seem to know everyone else’s-to the degree that they jump in with them if the correct person doesn’t say them in time, yet they don’t know their own. I just want to kick them in the face. well, just the one girl. I reckon that’s not good for a youth leader to feel that way, is it?

sunday evening, the four of us just kinda vegged in the living room, watching movies and chowing on cookies-because we have way more than we need, but they are so YUMMY!

today, I have got to do something productive, but I’ve got such a long list, I don’t know where to begin….