my minister, laura, was married on saturday.  it was a beautiful wedding, and she was a gorgeous bride.

100_5365-1 her groom, nathan just graduated from duke divinity school, while she still has 2  years to go before she can be a full time minister.  so they’ll be married ministers, who both come from minister fathers.

nathan has been given a small church ( a little bigger than ours) about 20 minutes from ours, and to save money, they’ll live in our parsonage until she graduates and has to leave us; then they’ll move to his church’s parsonage.

they left on their honeymoon on sunday, driving to florida, where they’ll both be in a wedding on saturday.  they have already stopped in charleston and savannah, then it’s on to st. augustine to go on a ghost hunt or something or other.

together, they have 4 dogs: laura bought versace about a year ago, then reese came to her house as a stray.  nathan has layla, and due to his allergies to cats, she traded her 2 cats to her parents for her childhood shih tzu, cheyenne.

they boarded cheyenne and layla with the vet for the honeymoon, but surrogate mama here has the other 2.  reese is extremely skitterish, taking FOREVER to warm up to people, me included.  and versace is so tiny, she didn’t want him to get sick or get hurt, so those 2 didn’t get to go the vet.  they got to come here and remind me why I love my kitties.

100_5387yeah, they look really cute all curled up next to me on this ugly couch, don’t they?  and they are cute, until they come in from a 20 minute walk out back and go right over to the corner and poo.  right then, they are not only not cute, but a pain in my ass!!

I borrowed some puppy pads from mama (by borrowed, I mean that she gave them to me, she’s not getting them back) and have put up the baby gates to keep them in the kitchen.  I hate not having them in the living room to snuggle up on the couch, but every time I bring them in there, EVERY. TIME., they crap on my floor.

that’s not even the worst part.  the very worst is that the cats are terrified, and they’re living upstairs.  their food is in the kitchen (where the stupid dogs are) and their litter boxes are in the laundry room, which is accessed through the kitchen.

at night, we crate the mutts in my work room, and the cats are finally free to run around their home.  I feel so bad for them, poor kitties.

laura and nathan should be home on monday, please pray that her dogs are still alive then. 😀