hi, my name is heidi* and I like bubbles.  I’ve had a problem with bubbles for many years, I’d say 30 or more.  I really don’t think it’s much of a problem, but my mother does, that’s why I’m here.  I could quit the bubbles anytime I want to…I really could!  I just don’t want to right now.100_5172

so, I really do love bubbles, that’s true.  but my love escalated a couple of years ago when I found a little bubble machine in the toy section at walmart.  Oh, man!  now I could have bubbles on demand, not just when I felt like blowing them myself (a tiring job) or when I could con someone into blowing them for me (that never happened).

we would have bubbles with our morning coffee and chat, with our evening wine, our friends also enjoyed my bubbles, they became conversation starters.  the kids and I enjoyed them in the afternoons; they would try to catch them, or hit them with tennis racquets, even recruiting the little boy next door.100_5171

so, my bubble machine and I had a fantastic relationship for 2 summers, it entertained countless children while doing my bidding~I suppose you could equate it to the court jester.  but this summer, it didn’t blow very well.  it was just tired, I reckon.

I went to walmart to find a replacement.  I picked out one just like the old one; the price was right and the old one had been good.  when I got it all unwrapped and batteried up, it wouldn’t work.  like an idiot, I listened to tony when he said, ‘maybe it needs some bubble solution to work’.  it didn’t…I returned it and decided to wait to find a replacement.

soon after, I found one in the bridal aisle.  I got that baby home and filled it up and man, oh man, the bubbles really fly now!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that being made for weddings means it’s gonna hold up awhile.  but for now, I’m havin some fun.

and just for the record: bubbles do not interfere with my family relations, they have not replaced people in my life, and they do not cause my family to avoid me.

I just wanted to lay that on the table there.

*name changed to remain anonymous