I’ve lived in this little town for 11 years now.  I have almost everything I want/need within about 20 miles from my driveway.  3 miles down my road is the little town of ruffin, where my church and favorite post office are.  on the north east lot of the cross roads are these steps:

100_5315 I’ve always wondered why the steps were saved from demolition   when the house was done in.  they’ve always intrigued me, with their sad loneliness.

but all the brilliant green around somewhat neutralizes the sadness.  there’s just something here that pulls me in…

for several years, we had a little street (road) festival on this corner, to benefit the volunteer fire department.  this lot would fill up with tents: crafts, food, organizations.  and the steps would fill up with kids.  they would sit, people watching, gossiping, flirting.

I would like to know what these steps have seen in their lifetime…