rich took last week off work, with a list of things he wanted to accomplish.  I’m not sure how many he actually managed to get done, but he worked his tail off.  he worked over the weedbed, and we planted several pretties


I can’t even remember all the things we stuck in there, but I know I wanted moss rose for my wagon, and tony really wanted that lilyish thing there in the right corner.  in the summer time, we have an air conditioner in that window, hence the latice.  it’s been there for more years than I’d like to remember, bare as a baby’s butt.  I planted jasmine in front of it once, but my black thumb prevented it from prospering.  then I planted something else a couple of years ago, and it also died.

the bush in front of it will only bush out, not vine.  then, last night, my very generous neighbor brought me some clippings of this beautiful weedy fern that takes over her fence every summer.  it has red flowers and the hummingbirds and butterflies just love it.  so, I think I’ll pull out the bush thing and plant the vining ferny weed.

100_5254the pump in the corner came with us when we moved down here.  it’s been buried under weeds by an outbuilding in the back yard for 11 years now.  when we capped the well at the old house, I decided this would look great either in a flower bed, or in a fish pond.  it’s been gone so long, I had totally forgotten about it.  rich uncovered it when he cleaned up the weeds by the building so he could build me a compost container.


see the mushroom he got me for mother’s day?  I’d seen it at walmart, and told him that I wanted it.  I just think it’s so cute.  on either side of it are the azalea bushes that my boy toy jerry bought me.

for mother’s day, rich took tony and I out to ruby tuesday’s for lunch after church.  jessica was going to eat with us, but her manager changed her schedule, so she had to start at 10:30 instead of 1 o’clock.  so instead of eathing with her, we sat in her section.

having the hubs home for the week, and having a nice, relaxing meal with just my guys (not the whole fam like last year) made this the best mother’s day.

I hope y’all had a nice one, too!