getting my nails done yesterday, I was watching cnn on the mondo screen tv. the sound is always down, so I have to rely on the ticker to know what’s going on.

one of the main stories was the miss usa pageant. based on the headlines, and statements printed across the bottom of the screen, I assumed that miss california lost the pageant because she answered the question wrong. I decided that perez hilton (I’ve heard of him, but I’ve never really been sure of just who he is) must have asked her how she felt about same sex marriage. I also assumed that she was for same sex marriage, being from california, and that because of that answer, she lost the pageant.

this upset me, and I thought to myself, ‘you go, girl! stand up for what you believe in!’

then, after several minutes, the headline finally read that she was against same sex marriage, and that’s why she thinks she lost the contest. I found that when I read that statement, that I was glad she lost.

this got me to thinking, and wondering about my beliefs/opinions/stance, what have you. I’m not sure I like myself, being the person who cheers for people who agree with me, and jeering the person who doesn’t. what do you reckon it says about me?

I have friends who have opinions who differ from mine. I accept their beliefs; why shouldn’t I? I have a friend who voted for (gasp!) mccain/palin…and she’s still my friend. in fact, she’s my very bestest friend. so, why is it that I accept her stance, but consider miss california wrong?

I like to think that I’m open minded and tolerant, but how can that be, when I get irritated with people who aren’t open minded? isn’t that a tad bit contradictory?

you know, there is a blog that I used to read on a regular basis, I even had it on my blogroll for awhile. I like this lady’s writing style, and I loved to look at her pictures and read about her family, but after she wrote a negative post about a popular 70’s disco song, I quit reading her. she mentioned the homosexual connotations of the song, and how it was being played at a youth event and it really bothered her. I thought about how I work really hard with my youth group, trying to teach them tolerance and acceptance (which is not always easy in the bible belt) and how I’ve played this particular song numerous times and they all love it. in all honesty, they probably have no idea of the meaning behind it, but still…

here’s what I now know (I probably knew it before, but didn’t acknowledge it) I’m biased toward people who agree with me, and antagonistic toward people who don’t.

but that’s not quite right, either. there’s another blog I read regularly, written by a woman who doesn’t believe in God. she doesn’t even question His existence, she just believes that He doesn’t exist. now, I consider myself a christian, I believe in God, and I know that I’m here, because it’s in His plan for me to be here.

and yet, I respect her, and even feel like we could be friends in real life if we lived closer.

I am also heterosexual, very much so. but I have many friends who are not, and I believe they should have the same rights as me. so, these are a couple of examples of people who don’t believe the same things I do, yet I’m not antagonistic toward them.

ugh. what does all of this say about me?