last night, we took a few of our youth to the winter jam concert.  I haven’t gone for a couple of years, and it’s gotten right much bigger since then.  there were a little over 20,000 people there last night, they turned people away because they didn’t know just how many seats were left until later.

Family Force 5 was very frenetic and bass heavy.  those boys jumped around on the stage like mexican jumpin beans, and the screams from the crowd were deafening.  I felt like my mama, when she used to ask me why I was listening to ‘that’ music (ozzy, ac/dc) when she couldn’t understand the words.  I could, and that’s what mattered.  well, I apparently can’t anymore.

I enjoyed Brandon Heath muchly, there were a few other artists, and then THE MAN, Toby Mac, performed a handful of songs.  I’ve never been much of a fan of his, but last night he was awesome.  Tony enjoyed the concert, but loved Toby Mac.

right before the intermission, the tour pastor spoke~what a powerful speaker!~and urged people to become ‘bridges of hope’ for orphans thru Holt International.  these children are waiting to be adopted, but in the meantime, they need financial assistance, $30 a month.   so, we discussed  with the youth, the option of sponsoring a child as a group.  if everyone were to contribute $3 a month, we’d have it covered.  don’t you know, those girls weren’t sure they could come up with $3 every month!

so, laura, our oldest ~and way mature~ youth, jessica, and I decided to do it between the 3 of us.  so we went to the booth, accompanied by tony, and picked out a 5 year old chinese girl with down’s syndrome.  then we realized that neither laura or I had any cash and jessica didn’t have enough.  we would have to sign up online.  so, that was that.

until back at our seats, tony started asking questions about the girl, like ‘what are verbal commands?’ ~the paper said she understands them~ and ‘why can she only bounce when held in a standing position?’  and ‘what if nobody else picks her because of how she looks, mama?  what if she doesn’t find someone to take care of her?’  and finally, ‘what if someone does pick her and she’s not available when we sign up online?’  his eyes grew wetter with each question.

my heart broke, thinking that she may not get picked, and that this boy, flesh of my flesh, was so worried about her.  so, I told my skinflint husband that I needed his debit card.  and tony and I went back downstairs and filled out the paper work.  he was over the moon, and carried yue yun’s picture back upstairs and showed his daddy and laura.  then he held onto that picture until the end of the concert.  when jessica woke up this morning, he told her all about yue yun, glowing all the time.  now he’s wondering if there’s a way that we could adopt her ourselves.