I’M IN LOVE!!!, originally uploaded by hockamama.

mid-october, I hit a deer coming home from the grocery store, less than a quarter mile from home. it was dark, and when I saw him, I veered left of center, but he came out into the road and hit my front passenger fender. it cracked the fiberglass front in several places, ripped off the flare on the fender and left many dents. but worst of all, the deer was dead. I sat and bawled for what seemed like forever before I called for help.

I couldn’t reach rich, so my daddy and brother came to help. daddy informed me that I hit an 8 point buck. woo hoo. the thought of killing that animal made me so sad.

so, stella, my jeep needed to go to the shop for repairs. the good news is that she would finally be rid of that spot where jessica drove up under the farm truck…the one I had been putting off getting fixed because it was gonna cost me $200. the bad news is that now it would cost $500 for my deductible. oh, well. when I picked her up yesterday, she looked so beautiful, they had given her a bath and vacuumed the inside.

but, in the meantime, this beauty above is what I was loaned to drive. OMG, that was the coolest car I’ve ever driven! (can you say sheltered? or poor? maybe both) it was so much fun, too much probably. before I realized it, I caught myself going 85 a couple of times. I think I could probably get into some serious trouble if I had one of my own! plus, it almost didn’t fit in the garage; it had about 8 inches to spare in the back and about 6 in the front. but it sure was fun while it lasted.

now stella is back home where she belongs, queen of the garage, keeper of the midgets. I don’t want to make her jealous, but someday, when she’s gone, I just may cut my eyes in the direction of a magnum….