watching, originally uploaded by hockamama.

see the little guy perched on the windchimes, over there on the right? he’s the owner of this particular hummingbird feeder. I have 2 feeders, one on either side of the porch. the other one is red, and it’s open to the public. this one, however, is a private dining room. this guy keeps watch to make sure that no one drinks from his fountain. he has 2 other watch spots, besides this one. we have a puny weeping willow in the front yard that he likes, and also a huge pin oak in the neighboring yard.

when an unauthorized drinker approaches his feeder, he comes flying, screaming all the way. he really lets them have it, and if they fuss back, he’ll smack into them. sometimes the 2 of them will hit the ground, they tussle so roughly. he just cusses and screams, then they’ll go away, and he’ll return to his watch spot. I feel sorry for the other birds, but I reckon he figures they can drink out of the other feeder, so they won’t starve. I sure hope not.