on saturday morning, jess got the call that everyone dreads. one of her best friends was killed in a car accident very early that morning. exactly one week shy of his 21st birthday. he was going after his girlfriend, who had taken off after a fight. he was drunk.

she and alex had known each other for years, went to school together, had all the same friends…it was through him that she started dating ben, who had also gone to school with them. it was alex who got her the job at ruby tuesday. the very job that she can’t stand the thought of going back to without him.

he was a very good looking boy, well mannered, always in a good mood, the life of the party. he made work fun, and his absence is like a vacuum.

this is the 3rd friend she has lost in 4 years; all of them guys; all of them in car accidents; only one of them was not alcohol related; 2 of them were only 17.

this teenage invincibility crap is for the birds, when will the madness stop? as a mother, I see things so much differently than I did when I was young and had the rest of my life before me.

every time I hear of a child dying in a car accident, I flash back to jess’ frantic 3 a.m. call, and again thank God that it was her calling me, and not a state trooper.

please keep alex’s family in your thoughts and prayers. he was an only child, and his parents were divorced, so they don’t even have the comfort of each other.