I just mailed out a bag of fabric scraps for a swap on craftster. my package went to the UK at a cost of $34! man, I had no idea it cost so much to ship international. it only weighed a little under 4 pounds. I don’t even want to think about it being any heavier.

this was my third swap. I’ve always wanted to join them, but I always felt inadequate in my crafting to actually participate. so, when the chance came to join a raffle type swap, I jumped on it. that way I only had to craft something that I was comfortable with, and send it to whomever’s name was drawn. the first one went okay, the person whose name I drew turned out to be a non-drinker, so the wine bag I had made didn’t go over so well. the second time around lots of people wanted my owl bag, so that was better.

this last swap was really easy, because all I had to do was box up a bunch of fabric scraps. in turn, I’ll get a bunch of someone else’s scraps; I’m so excited! there’s nothing like new fabric to brighten my day, even scraps.

I’ve gone ahead and entered a couple more swaps, one of which I’m nervous about and now wish I hadn’t been quite so impulsive. it’s a book lover’s swap. that’s what drew me in, because I love love love me a good book. but I’m just not sure what to make for my partner, that’s the part that makes me nervous. the other swap will be cool, it’s just stuffing a box with craft supplies (junk) and swapping for someone else’s junk.

ah, well. atleast I have some time to figure it all out.