today, my babies go back to school. tony’s in 5th grade, maddie’s in 4th. this year, they were both separated from their nemeses for the first time since kindergarten. alex was tony’s friend until last year, when tony started realizing (FINALLY) that friends are actually nice to each other; unfortunately, it took a fist fight for that realization to fully sink in. since early last year, he’s been trying to maintain his distance, but with alex in the same class, he wasn’t having much success. summer helped, and now they aren’t in the same class, thankfully. this is tony’s last year in his elementary, and I hope it’s a great one. he really loved last year’s teacher and this one seems pretty nice.

maddie’s little friend megan is a little girl who seems to be on the lookout for a best friend who wants to cater to her. she found one last year, and made maddie’s 3rd grade year miserable. this year they have separate teachers, so maddie can make new friends, hopefully.

they were both excited this morning, which surprised me, atleast where tony’s concerned. I hope that excitement stays with them for awhile.

it was bittersweet, watching them roll out of the driveway, but I get to look forward to picking them up this afternoon.