it really figures that when I decide to take a picture of our fleas to post, I can only pick up one! the other day I had 9 fleas on my ankles…9!

satan (starshine) apparently brought them in from the wilderness and shared them with her babies. now everybody’s scratchin’ and gettin mess everywhere. it’s pretty nasty. we bought some bombs and had planned to use them last sunday, but thankfully we didn’t (that’s another story for later) so we finally set them off this past sunday. I had put medicine on the scruff of everybody’s necks a couple of weeks ago, but I think the infestation was too bad, the stuff didn’t seem to be working.

sunday after church, we shut up the house, put the kitties in the garage (MAN!! was that ever an experience!) and set off 5 bombs. I texted jessica and told her to stay away and called mama and told her to tell her peeps not to come in.

the initial plan was to stay gone for about 4 hours, then come home and air it out for about 30 minutes before letting the kitties back in. you know how life intrudes when you’ve made other plans? well, daddy and madison came up and disturbed the airtightness of the house at about the 2 hour mark.

daddy says mama told him not to go into our house, but she didn’t tell him about the bombs……..??!!

so, since the whole operation was screwed, we just came home. I’ve noticed less fleas, but they’re still here. I reckon we’ll bomb again in another week or so. we’ve got to get rid of these things, it’s awful!

*ankle is smaller than it appears in picture. honest!