awhile ago, on friday the 13th, I turned 41.  oh, man, how in the world can I be 41 already?  some days my body feels it, but my mind never does.  it seems like just a couple of years ago that I graduated high school, not 23!

when I was a kid, I loved the birthday attention, but over the last few years (decades) the novelty has worn off.  however, my daughter has inherited my love of celebrations, so she started my birthday off with a bang, literally.

a little after midnight, my bedroom lights came on.  while I was processing this, and trying to figure out what in the world was going on, the smell of gunpowder and loud shots woke me the rest of the way.  I ducked under the covers and apparently said some not nice things ~so they tell me~ and worked up the nerve to open my eyes in the now daylight-bright room.  there, in my cozy little nest, were jessica and rich, pullin’ on party poppers. then they both jumped on me, kissing the fool out of me.

strangely enough, I had difficulty getting back to sleep, and was forced to lay there, reflecting on the last 41 years.  well, there are some foggy ones back in the 80’s that I couldn’t quite pull up, but most of them haven’t been too bad overall.  I can honestly say the last couple have been the best, so I reckon it’s not so awful getting old.  to coin a cliche, it beats the alternative.

I refuse, however, to go lightly into the night.  I’m planning a midlife crisis which may or may not include:  more body ink, a motorcyle, a pool boy, a dodge charger…the list changes frequently.  I’m thinkin’ it’ll hit somewhere around 45. hmm…