to make me ‘the crazy cat lady’ ? because, inexplicably, we now have 11! if chewey were to come home, which at this point (it’s been 6 weeks today) I don’t think is gonna happen, we’d be up to 12.

only 7 of them are indoor cats…right, only 7. until a week ago this very day, we had 5, satan and her babies. then poor little laura, the minister, told me that she had to relocate her calico sisters. they’re only 9 months old and sweet as could be, she says. the problem is that they still have claws, and they’re tearing up the parsonage. on the little bit of salary our tiny church pays her, she can’t afford to get them declawed, so she knew she had to give them up.

enter my husband, sucker for a child in need. since laura is our surrogate daughter, he felt sorry for her dilemma, so we offered to help. I mean, heck, when you’ve already got 5 house cats, what’s 2 more, right?

well, they didn’t turn out to be very sociable. the babies wanted to get to know the sisters, but the sisters weren’t so keen on the idea. one camped out in the laundry room, near the litter box, which intimidated the babies. the other hung out under the couch. we finally decided to put them into the back bedroom temporarily, to give them time to adjust and to give us time to get to know them.

getting them into that back room was quite the adventure. without going into a long story, I’ll tell you that it involved nervous laughter, extreme hissing, a few bites, some hollering, even some bellowing (from rich, 😯 mostly).

since it was sunday evening when the exodus to the bedroom occurred, rich had to go to the emergency room for his swelling cat bite. miraculously, he didn’t have to wait long at all; he was back in time to enjoy cheese and wine on the front porch with my daddy before bedtime.

long story short, they’re now ensconced in the back room, where just this morning one of them finally came out to let me pet her just a tiny bit. the other one still cowers in the corner, hissing occasionally. I visit them 3 or 4 times a day, just to try to get them used to me. I really think they’re just scared, not unfriendly. I feel so bad for them. maybe one day I’ll be able to get a picture of them and post for y’all.

so, am I the crazy cat lady yet? if not, how many more cats do I need? 😀