today I finally watched shadowlands, the story of c.s. lewis that I bought at walmart about 5 years ago.  it was a really good movie, a tear jerker.  before emma came along, I watched a couple of movies a week, while the younguns were in school.  when she started requiring more attention, that ceased.  now that she’s a little older, I just gate her into the living room with me and pop a movie in once in awhile.  now that school is out, I have to be a little more careful about what I watch.  no more ron jeremy 😉

today, however, casa de hockett was crawling with the elementary set.  tony’s friend alex and his brother spent the day yesterday and today, while their mama was finishing the year at school.

so, with alex on the computer, tony playing psp, maddie and greg playing ds, and, of course, miss emma screaming her little babyisms, the only way to watch a movie was to use subtitles.  I looked around at the chaos, and thought to myself, ‘self, if you were any kind of normal, this would make you scream’, but I think I’m just enough off balance that I was able to tolerate it.  it only lasted for an hour or so, before they all got bored and went somewhere else.

on an unrelated note, the coastal fires have lent us some haze and smell.  the kids were unhappy that I wouldn’t let them play outside, but it’s pretty strong up here in these parts.  this may be why they tried to torture me with their video games…