I am so sick of EOG’s and they haven’t even been administered yet!

when I was in school ~back in dinosaur days~ we had to take the california achievement test at the end of the year. I don’t remember alot of build up to it, just bring a #2 pencil on test day. I also don’t remember if it determined whether or not we moved on to the next grade; it may have.

these days, down here in the carolinas ~heck, maybe everywhere~ the kids take the EOG’s. and with all this ‘no child left behind’ crap that dubya came up with, our school is having trouble getting everyone to meet the required test score. that has more to do with the pool of children they draw from than with teacher ability. we have many, many kids who don’t get reinforcement at home, no homework help, no participation at school functions. we also have kids who just don’t care. when they don’t care, they’re not going to learn, which makes the teacher’s job difficult.

this all results in a heavy handed approach to these damn EOG’s. every quarter they take practice tests, and now, with the test 2 weeks out, tony’s bringing home sample test booklets for homework, with instructions to complete the first 40 pages. 60 FRIGGIN’ PAGES FOR HOMEWORK?!!

we’ve had 3 appointments so far with a pediatric gastroenterologist to get to the root of tony’s stomach aches. at this point, the dr. thinks it’s a combination of bowel issues and heartburn ~rich has had heartburn since he was in elementary school~ and tells me that stress makes it worse. duh! but how to keep him unstressed when the school feeds stress from 8 until 2:30?

I’ve always told him to just do his best and not worry about it. I’m confident that he’ll pass, but I also know that a stupid EOG grade does not define who he is. so, I down play the importance of it, hoping he’ll relax a little.

man, I am SO looking forward to summer vacation. the kids are already asking what activities I’ve got planned. I’d better get busy!