several times a day, I’ll hear an 80 decibel hiss and growl, promptly followed by 3 to 5 kitties running hell bent through the downstairs rooms in an attempt to break the sound barrier.

casa de hockett has a big circle, which has been beloved by many children and cats.  the living room opens into the foyer, which also opens into the kitchen, which is right next to the dining room, which opens into my workroom from one side, as well as into the living room, creating the fun track.

common sense tells a person that the huge hiss and growl has prompted kitties to flee from the assailant,  but I’m not so sure.  when these kitties run, they are hauling fur; couple that with the fact that the issue usually starts in the kitchen, so they run the circuit of dining room, living room, entry way, kitchen, before they flop down on the floor or dining benches…basically back where they started.

do you see what I’m getting at?  I’m thinking the hiss is the ‘on the mark’ and the growl is the starting shot.  what I find really humorous about it is that in a matter of 30 or 45 seconds, they go from being deafeningly loud to church mouse quiet.  hmm…