tony’s got this set of plastic handcuffs that came from someplace cheap, probably the dollar tree. mama shops at dollar general alot, and is always getting the kids some ‘cute’ little thing or another, that falls apart quickly; but she wouldn’t buy handcuffs, for fear that he would cuff maddie to a tree or something. so, since I probably bought them, they had to come from the dollar tree, I like that store.

anyway, the chain between the two cuffs is plastic, and pops off with little effort, so he likes to put them on and do his incredible hulk imitation and show how strong he is by breaking them apart. funny thing, though…last night one of the cuffs wouldn’t come open. the other one just pops off, like the chain. this time, however, he couldn’t get it off, so he banged his arm on the coffee table, then the hearth, all the while getting more and more worked up. it probably didn’t help his mood that I was laughing at him.

then he went to the garage in search of help. he found a screwdriver. resized-tony-trying-to-remove-handcuff.jpg (he’s fresh from the shower, in britches and socks) he first put the screwdriver between his arm and the cuff, and tried to pry it off. no go. he swung his arm around, hollering at itresized-tony-handcuff-arm-out.jpg and that didn’t help, either. finally, he realized that he could wedge the screwdriver into the joint and pry it apart. voila! he was free. houdini he’s not.