across the road is an overpass that carries us back a dirt road to some friends, bob and barbara. about 6 months ago, barb’s daddy jerry moved up from florida and is staying with them. he’s in his mid 80’s and is right much fun to hang out with. I take him to do his banking, shopping and other errands. in mid january, I hooked him up with our tiny little senior lunch bunch at the community center down the road. some days there are 4 who show up, some days 14.

jerry likes to think he’s a ladies man, so he’s always trollin’ for women. unfortunately, the ladies who attend the lunch group are all too old for him (they’re in their 70’s). for some reason he thinks he should have his pick of women my age and thereabouts. he’s quite a character, and a charmer…if you can get past his stubbornness.

anyway, I like to sit on this overpass and snap pictures. this is where I took this one, and this one, among many others.

I’m gonna go make valentine’s now…one for rich and one for my other man, jerry.