during the after-christmas sales last year, I got these words, noel and joy. this year when we brought out the goods, I was excited to see them again (is that depressing, that I get excited over such things?) on christmas day, when the family was here, my brother and jessica apparently conspired to change them around. I didn’t notice the change for several days-that’s how observant I am.

on the shelves are 6 of my nativities. my favorite altogether is the one behind the e. tony made it in preschool, out of a box corner. inside, he used marker to draw the people, and drew baby jesus on a piece of wood. somewhere I also have a baby jesus he made me out of a sock. he stuffed it, drew a face, then wrapped a piece of felt around it for the swaddling cloth. he can’t understand why I love these two little things so much. ah, well, someday he will.

p.s. for a little more insight into me, notice the bottom shelf filled with armestead maupin, stephanie plum, and harry potter, with father tim and several bibles above. hmm, you know, I never really paid attention until I looked at this picture, it’s all rather contradictory, isn’t it?