after many  years of being old fogies and hitting the hay before midnight, we stayed up last year, so tony could ring in the new year all official like.

this year, I invited the preacher girl over for a night of food, fellowship and wii.  tony-laura-boxing-resized.jpg we all played here and there, since we only have 2 remotes.  it’s hard to sit and watch when you really want to get in there, so eventually, I’ll pick up some more remotes.

tony and laura boxed until they were ready to drop.  she’s a fiesty little thing, but no match for tony.  they’re both competitive, so it was an interesting match.  we all played tennis, she smoked me (no surprise, I like tennis, but it doesn’t like me so well) and tony, surprisingly.  but rich gave her some serious competition and he walked away the champion.

we turned on dick clark about 11:30.  it was difficult to see him in his current condition, remembering the great one of years past.  the music and other miscellaneous doesn’t live up to my memory, either.  oh, well, que sera sera.

it was a good end to a decent year, and I hope you all have a GREAT start to what I hope will be a fantastic year.