a couple of months ago, I started looking for advent options, I really wanted something unique and cool, not just a little piece of paper that you peel back every day. I found lots of cool ideas, but the one I liked the most was in the pottery barn catalog, but I didn’t want to pay $129 for it, so I decided to make it myself.

when I mentioned it to rich, he took the ball and ran with it. the result is a joint effort. he bought the wood, stained it and cut the thin strips. I used my stencil to outline the numbers, then he used a wood burner (which he bought specifically for this project) and traced them. after that, he hung a hook over every tag. from there, it was my baby.

I made 24 lined drawstring bags-which seemed to take forever, by the way. then I filled them with an ornament and 2 pieces of chocolate. tony and madison will be the ones who open them every day, so I needed to have a candy for each of them.

most of the ornaments are generic, but a few have a specific relationship to the date on which it will be hung. for our polar express trip, I found a train engine; for kris’ birthday, a piece of cake; for our anniversary, a wedding cake. most importantly, a nativity for the 24th. the kids can’t wait to start!