last night, we took tony to charlotte and watched the blue man group perform.  we sat in the seventh row.  awesome seats!  I didn’t know that I could take my camera, so I missed ALOT of great shots.  but, man, what a show.

we saw them last year, but we had crappy seats, in front of some drunken idiot who talked through the whole concert.  this year I was able to obtain better seats, and we decided to take little man with us.

it was the best show we could have chosen for his first.  we didn’t tell him what we were doing.  he only knew we were headed to charlotte for a surprise, and he didn’t even know that until yesterday morning.  while we were in line, they played a blue man clip on the jumbotron, and he saw the date, and asked what the current date was.  then, a huge smile washed over his face as he realized what he was fixin to experience.

he was nervous and scared at first, being shy and and new to this concert biz.  he was really nervous when we went to our seats, and he saw just how big the arena was.

but as soon as the music started, he was along for the whole ride.  he had such a good time, and by the end of the evening, he was just as hoarse as everyone else who screamed and hollered the night away.

getting home at 2:00-after wrong turns and heavy concert traffic sent us through charlotte and concord the back way, stopping at awful house for some food and coffee-made for difficult waking for church this morning.  but, alas, we prevailed.