this morning, on the news, they talked about the sexiness of girls’ costumes nowadays.  then they discussed it on mike & juliet, also, with a dad who owns a costume company (his 13 year old was dressed as a sexy witch, complete with garters) and a mother who is disgusted with the choices (her 11 year-old was dressed as Juliette, but really wanted to wear the ‘racy referee’ costume).

apparently these costumes are marketed toward tweens.  that’s what the news anchors were up in arms about.  the argument was made that these girls don’t understand the raunchiness, and it’s only for one day, for goodness sake!

as a mother, it would bother me if my daughter wanted to wear such a costume.  her daddy would never let her out of the house dressed in these outfits.  I know we’re blessed with such a modest daughter.

here’s what I want to know, though: where we these costumes 25 years ago, when I could have filled them out to perfection? (as opposed to overfilling them now!)

one year in high school, I spiked my hair into a purple mohawk, put on a black trash bag-that barely covered my ass-purple tights and strappy stilletos.  then I walked 4 blockswith my best friend to our high school for the halloween dance.  on the way, 2 different guys offered us a ride, but we kept walking.  now, I can look back and realize that I must have looked like such a skank, at the very least, a punk prostitute.

so, maybe it’s a good thing there weren’t these sexy costumes when I was younger.  who knows what kind of trouble I’d have gotten myself into.