following the leaders, originally uploaded by hockamama.

there’s a great park in greenville, ohio. it sits slap in the middle of a really nice neighborhood. it’s beautiful, with duck ponds, fishing ponds, a couple of pretty bridges. they have 3 peacocks in a fenced area, and lots of geese, ducks and a few swans. there is a high school and a public pool in the park. it’s the site of many weddings.

we used to take the kids there most weekends, and let them feed the geese. they were very aggressive -the geese, not the kids- and would charge you, hissing. after several visits, the kids weren’t afraid anymore. if you just happened to be sitting on a bench close to them, eating, but not feeding them, they would try to take your food. it was as comical as it was annoying.

this year, however, there was a sign that requested demanded no feeding of the water fowl. at first I was upset, having bought 2 cheap loaves of bread, but after awhile, I noticed the change. the birds were no longer aggressive and hissing. they didn’t come at us. in fact, they acted like they didn’t know we were even there-that is, until tony decided to follow them.

apparently the no feeding rule is working. the park is much more peaceful, even though it was very relaxing to begin with.