we pulled into the garage last night around 9:30. it was nice to see everyone in ohio, but it sure was good to be home.

we got to rich’s cousin lisa’s house late friday night. saturday, I hooked up with my cousin sheryl. we haven’t spoken to each other since we moved, other than a short and strained visit a couple of years ago. we used to be really close, more like sisters than cousins, but I was angry when I moved, and pretty much severed the relationship. the stupidest part is that I can’t even remember what the anger was about.

thankfully, she was more than happy to put the past behind us and meet with me. we had a great time, it was just way too short. now I hate that we live so far away.

saturday night we took tony uptown to the pumpkin show. woo hoo! it’s just like any other little festival, food vendors, rides, games, music, gambling…what makes this one different is they sell bags of confetti, which gets tossed all over you. in your hair, your mouth, your eyes, down your cleavage, etc. apparently they’ve been doing this for most of the festival’s 79 years.

at some point during the years that we’ve been gone, someone got the bright idea to add silly string. that crap is greasy, did you know that? it’ll leave a stain if you get it on your clothes. and how could you not get it on your clothes, what with stupid little teenage pranksters, getting some kind of kick out of accosting unsuspecting passersby.

tony and I were walking down the street, on the way to meet up with rich and his boys-these 4 guys have been friends since kindergarten-and some kid squirted tony’s glasses, just completely covered them! he was so upset. it comes off glasses pretty easily, though, so we were able to get past that problem without too much fuss.

tony rode rides for 2 hours. I just walked around behind him, from one ride to the next, watching and waving. he had loads of fun. and the food was sublime. I adore festival food, the smells beckon, the sizzles call my name.

the rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed, just visiting here and there. tony played outside with lisa’s 2 big dogs most of the time. he didn’t even watch much tv, he wanted to be outside. the weather was great, nice and cool. it didn’t rain until we were leaving, and we outran it in west virginia. we really need some here, so it would have been nice to bring it with us, but I reckon we’ll get some this week.

every time we go up north for a visit, mama worries that we’ll decide we want to move back. no matter how many times I reassure her that won’t happen, she still gets anxious until we come home and exhibit enough relief to be here.

it amazes me how much things change when your back is turned. sometimes it jolts me back to reality, when I go to the old neighborhoods, the ones in which I grew up. life went on without me. none of the people I used to know are there anymore. the places we used to hang out are different. my school is gone. and then I think, there are people who feel that way about where I live now. they went away, and when they come back, so many changes have happened.

oh, well. it’s just good to be home. 😀