one week before school started, tony reminded me that I had promised we’d go somewhere and do something this summer. but we didn’t, because I always have emma. so, at the last minute, rich and I decided we’d take a little trip down the blue ridge parkway. we picked tony up at from his sleepover saturday morning, and just kept going.

we drove up to meadows of dan to get to the parkway. why we went all the way up there, I’m not sure, but rich was driving. the parkway was kind of boring until we got into north carolina a little way. it was beautiful, but not much really to stop and do or see.

we stopped several times along the way, took a couple of little hikes, took lots of pictures that later all looked the same. we went to the moses cone house, it was gorgeous. we stopped for the night in blowing rock, one of my favorite places. I have been there before, without rich, so I wanted to show him so many things.

one picture I absolutely had to get was of this church, St. Mary’s of the Hills. it is the inspiration for the Lord’s Chapel Episcopal Church where you can find father tim in Jan Karon’s mitford series. it’s so beautiful, I would love to see the inside of it someday.

the next morning, we headed south once more, stopping in little switzerland, at this great little cafe. I had turkey and roasted red pepper quiche, with tomato basil soup. OMG!! best food I’ve had in a long time.

we went through a bunch of tunnels before we got off the parkway in asheville. I really wish we’d had more time, I would like to have visited biltmore. maybe next time.

we made it back in time for tony to hop in the shower and slide into bed. I took all of last year’s crap out of his bookbag and loaded it up with all of his new supplies. for some reason, we can’t seem to get the bag unpacked after school is out, it just sits in the closet waiting for a new school year…

this little trip was the perfect end to a really nice summer vacation, and has put me in the mood to start re-reading the mitford series. sometime, between jane austen and my newly developed infatuation with marne davis kellogg.