sometimes I wonder if I’m mental…then I decide that yes, in fact, I am.  on monday, mandi was off work, so we dragged the kids off to martinsville and danville, in search of great fabric (for me) and awesome shoes (for mandi).  the two of us usually spend her days off running hither and yon, but when we have to take the kids, it’s a whole new experience.  ‘mama, can I have this?’  ‘how about that?’ *pout*  for that reason, and that reason ONLY, I will be glad when school starts.

on tuesday, tony’s friend alex and his little brother greg came over to play. for 8 1/2 hours.  all. friggin. day.  alex and greg are nice little boys, but they play rougher than what we’re used to, they use language that we don’t use, and they aren’t real nice to each other.  this often results in greg pouting because alex won’t let him play with them.  then tony comes and asks me to step in.

wednesday was a lazy day, made up of laundry, cleaning (no more than necessary), dishes, etc.  I was able to fit in a viewing of sense & sensibility.

then today, alex’s friend jarrett came over with his sister lauren, who came to play with maddie.  having a houseful of well-behaved kids is not any skin off my nose.  I was extremely worn out on tuesday by the time alex’s mother came, but today was fine.  the only kid who got on my nerves was my own.  I’m not sure how to get through to him that not everyone appreciates his bossiness; well nobody does.  he just can’t seem to get that through his head.

we’ve only got 2 weeks till school starts, so we need to fit in as many play dates as possible.  tony and maddie are content to play together, for the most part, but sometimes I think we need to throw some other kids into the mix, just to shake things up.

I dread school starting.  I really love spending time with tony during the summer.  it would be nice to just take off and do things, the two of us, but it’s not really feasible, what with the baby and all.  someday we’ll figure something out, until then, we’ll just hang out at home.  he’s perfectly content to be here with madison and the gamecube, anyway.