I was in my sewing room last night, and tony came in and said, “mama, I just saw a commercial for big brothers and big sisters!  I want to be one.”  I explained to him that the idea behind it is for an adult to spend time with a kid who doesn’t get enough adult attention, and that he’s neither of those, so he can’t participate.

so, he ingested that, and thought a minute, then, “well, couldn’t you be the adult and go get a kid?”

I further explained that after spending some quality time with the child in question, the adult takes them back to their home until the next time.

“so, you can’t keep them?”

this is, apparently what it boils down to: go pick out a child, bring them home, instant younger sibling for tony.   poor kid, he has wanted a little brother or sister for several years,  since preschool when his friend trey was expecting a sister.  he now understands that he’s not going to get one the traditional.  I guess he’s never stopped trying to find an alternative method…