for the last few weeks, I’ve been holing up in my sewing room, I love to sew; lately I’ve been sewing things for emma, like burp rags, bibs and such. I made her a really cute little floor blanket, using different textures, one of which was satin. unfortunately, I didn’t think to serge the edge, so that block has frayed and come undone:sad:

a friend of rich’s just had his first grandkid, so I wanted to make them a blanket. I had the cutest childish western fabric, and a great kiddie map panel. after I sewed them together with the batting, I got the great idea to quilt them:???:

after a couple of rows of quilting, I realized that I needed to undo the seams and bind it later. the next problem occurred when the backing bunched up. I couldn’t straighten it up, so I decided to start over with new fabric.

I went to hobby lobby and picked up michael miller’s little cowpoke, and backed it with bandana print. this time I used cotton batting instead of that crappy polyester mess. it turned out great! I made some bibs and a couple of burp rags to go along with it.

the thing is, I had intended to make the three little kids each a quilt for christmas…now, I’m not so sure. maybe I’ll just make blankets, or make a tied quilt. rich made me some grids to use for layouts, so I could get an idea of what it will look like.

rich bought me a sewing machine for my birthday, and she’s been sitting in her box since I picked it up last saturday. I want her new home to be just right when she makes her appearance, so this weekend will be devoted to my sewing room. rich is going to take out the restrictive bookcase and build me some shelves. I’m going to add a worktable to the room, and then it’ll be ready for some high impact workouts.

when I can’t sleep at night, my mind is on my current project, that’s how bad my obsession has become….