last night we finally made it to see harry potter and the order of the phoenix! we have a long standing tradition of going to see the harry movies with tammie and linda, and they were in the mountains all week, so we had to wait till they came home yesterday. it was a real struggle, waiting for days. we thought about sneaking and watching it early, then going with them when they came home, but we thought tony might snitch on us, so we just sucked it up and waited.

I was so excited to see the movie, that I made us some shirts. leastwise for tony and I, because rich wouldn’t wear one in public, so I didn’t make him one. tony’s has a phoenix on it, with the words dumbledore’s army. I screenprinted it. mine has a picture of snape, and says misunderstood.  I made mine with an iron on.

we got lots of comments of them. and, even though quite alot of the book was left out, it was a great movie. I understand that they have to leave alot of things out of the movies in order to make a reasonable length, but I would gladly sit through a 5 hour movie, with an intermission. I think we’re going to go see it again next week, and take maddie with us. I can’t wait!