it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted; things have been a little hectic around here.

my brother ben, his wife anne, and their girls kimmie and anna came down for a visit last week.  they came in on the 4th and stayed till sunday the 8th.

they brought madison home with them; she had been in indiana for 6 weeks.  the original plan was for her to stay 2 weeks with mandi’s mama, then mandi and her mama would meet in charleston to get her back home.  but judy (mandi’s mama) had some health problems, and each time they tried to work out a trade time, she just didn’t feel up to driving so far.  so, 6 weeks later, she came home with ben.upstairs-resized.jpg

tony and maddie wait all year for the twins to come down, and they play until they drop.  we have huge family meals while they’re here; altogether there are 15 of us.

it’s nice to take one day while they’re here and have a girls’ day out.  anne, mandi and I go yard sale-ing or shopping, whatever we can fit in.  once a year I have both my sisters-in-law in one place.  I think if we had more time together, we could probably get into some trouble.