helen tagged me for a 10 random things about me meme, so I struggled to think of 10 things I haven’t already blabbered to y’all about.  hopefully you’ll find something interesting in here:

1.    when I was a kid, I was introduced to a book series, “the happy hollisters“.  five siblings who solve mysteries.  I decided that hollister must be my real name, and that holly was my nickname.  I could never figure out how to shorten holly, so this worked great!

2.    people assume that because my name is holly, I must have been born at Christmas time.  not so; mama loved Christmas so much, that even though I was born in the middle of summer, she had to have a holly.  stuart lucked out, if he’d been a girl, his name would have been noel.

3.    I tend to make projects much harder than they need to be.  when I throw a birthday party, I go extremely overboard and get very stressed out.  everyone has a great time, and the decor is always a winner, but does it really matter that the gift bags have the guests’ names hand embroidered?  unfortunately, when I’m in the throes of planning, and until the point of execution, I don’t think about the unnecessariness of triviality.

4.    I absolutely adore crisp, clean sheets.  I finally discovered the luxury of quality sheets, and I’ll never go back.  I love to hang them on the line to dry, then at night, I jump in bed and squirm around like a fish out of water.  rich used to get really annoyed with me, but I reckon he’s grown fond of resigned himself to tolerating this charming stupid little habit.

5.    I used to spy on people when I was a kid.  I would lurk around corners and eavesdrop.  my favorite pasttime was to hang out in the aisles at the store or library and peek around the corner at people. I also liked to sit on the benches downtown and watch people as they loitered around.  I used to think I wanted to be a detective when I grew up.

6.    I don’t care much for dogs.  we’ve had several over the years that I’ve liked, but in general, I’d rather have 8 or 10 cats (kinda like we do now) than 1 dog.  I saw a sign in a pet store the other day that says it all: ‘dogs have owners, cats have staff’.  there’s so much truth in that, it’s not funny.

7.    I crave beef more than any other food.  most people crave chocolate, or ice cream -and sometimes I do, too- but most times I’ve got a hankering for something, it’s a steak or a burger.

8.    I am a shy person.  only people who have known me forever would understand that.  I am an extrovert, and love to meet new people, but inside is an introvert.  one time during a bible study class, one of the women at church gave us some kind of personality test, and I was evenly balanced between extro- and introvert.

9.    I love to read.  reading has been my savior and my downfall over the years.  in school, I would get into trouble because I would read a book instead of doing classwork.  I frequently neglect my duties to read.  I love the escape it brings me, and I hate for a really good book to end.  as a kid, I would feel such a connection with the story and characters and a profound sadness to leave them.  I have always liked fiction-novels and mystery, no romance, unless it was a side part of the story.  lately, I’ve found biographies enjoyable.

10.    my favoritest books are the harry potter series.  that is a story that I could really escape into.  I think if I were a character in harry’s world, I would be molly weasley, ron’s mama.  I would like to be ms. mcgonagall, but I think in reality I’m more like molly weasley.