I wish I had a picture to show y’all, but you’ll have to picture this in your minds…my kittens -big cats now- have a love affair with an angora sweater of jessica’s.   they carry it around, crying pitifully.  it’s the funniest thing, to see one of them with a mouthful of sweater, trying to drag it without tripping over it.

a baby will carry it into some room, usually the one I’m in, and snuggle with it.  then another baby will come take it away.

this has been going on for several months now.  jessica will see it lying in the corner, or under the dining room table, and pick it up.  of course, after it’s been wallered all about, it must go back into the laundry hamper.  after it’s washed, she’ll wear it again, then leave it lying somewhere and the cycle will start all over again.  sometimes they will actually take it out of her clean clothes basket, since she never really puts her clothes away.

I’ve tried to snap a picture of this sweet act of love, but every time they realize I’m behind them, they drop it and run.  the image of sweater dangling from kitty mouth will never leave me.