I had breakfast with my walmart ladies this morning.  we try to meet every couple of weeks, just to catch up on stuff.  for a long time, I was the only one who didn’t work there anymore, but now there’s two of us.

mandi had the day off so I didn’t have to take emma with me.  jess and tony had a dentist appointment, so I went alone.  it was such a feeling of freedom, to be able to sit and enjoy the company and food and not have to worry about one young’un or the other.

after we’d been there for awhile, we were meandering out to the parking lot, and don’t you know that tony called and asked if he and jess could come meet me for breakfast?!  why, I ask you, could they not eat breakfast before they left the house for their appointment?  it’s because they think if I get to eat out, they should, too.

so, I weighed my options: let them come, spend the rest of the little cash I had, sit and watch them eat…while I enjoy their company, of course.

or, tell them to meet me at my next stop, and put up with the fussing.

yeah, you know which choice I made.  I’m such a doormat.  so, I sat there with them while they ate their omelets, and we discussed life.  I have to admit, I did enjoy just being with them, so it was worth it.

while we were waiting for the food, they started playing hockey with the creamers.  tony won, and each time he sent the creamer into jess’ goal, he would shout, “yesss!! score one for the tonester!!”  we laughed, and I asked him if he wouldn’t rather call himself ‘the chuckster’, but he said he likes ‘tonester’ better.