as of june 6, we have lived in this house for 9 years. that’s the longest I have ever lived in one place. before that, my record was right about 4 years. lately, I’ve had an itch to move. it feels weird to live here this long. I love my house, but I’m ready for a change.

when we moved here, mama and daddy bought this 40 acre plot of land, with this house on it. we split the farm payment 3 ways, between the parents, stuart’s fam and our fam.

we had our 5, rich’s dad, and mama and daddy in this house for the first handful of months. then mama and daddy’s house was installed down the hill and they moved. stuart, mandi, and madison came down later and moved in with them. then rich’s dad -my beloved ed- built himself an apartment and moved out of our house.

we bought the house and an acre+ from mama and daddy about a year later, so we could make some improvements -like putting in a heating/ac system, updating the fire hazard that passed for electricity, replacing rotted floors, etc.

when you come to visit, you reach our house first, then continue down the driveway to mama’s. stuart built a shop down the hill where he can work on cars and just do the things he likes to do.

it is so nice for tony and madison -and jess and kris when they were younger- to be able to walk back and forth. the way the property is laid out, our front yard is the only part that goes to the road, from there, it runs behind 3 neighbors’ houses, then way down into the woods. so the kids have almost worn a path behind the neighbors’, and they play in the trees on that path.

still, with all this, I miss living in a neighborhood, I miss having sidewalks, for the kids to ride their bikes, to take leisurely strolls. I miss being able to walk to the library, to the store. I dream of moving into one of these cute little neighborhoods mandi and I stumble upon when we’re out yard-saling.

but, there’s no place like home.  as much as I miss these things, I can’t imagine ever leaving here.